Sega Vintage Dreams -  Burning Rangers 

So thinking about all those “Classic Collections” Sega’s been doing, plus the addition of the new Sega Vintage Collection with NiGHTS, Sonic Adventure 2 and Jet Set Radio, I went on thinking what else could Sega do that I’d actually like to play? So I mocked up a bunch of covers.

To be honest I’ve not actually played Burning Rangers. Could never get it on my Sega Saturn at the time. But as one of the more unique titles in Sonic Team franchises I’d love to try playing it for once.

Another version of Sonic Fan Games HQ — and a far better design than it was previously. Not the final version mind you, but certainly closer to how I left it.

Not sure where I got that picture of Sonic — I think it was a magazine cover? The background was also edited from a Phantasy Star Online website. It also used frames!  It was cool back then. At the very least it looked a hell of a lot better than the previous one.

Not sure if I have a copy of the next iteration on hand. It used a Sonic 3 styled ring for sprites, and used a logo that’s still being used to this day. This one definitely had me start using my Paint Shop Pro skills, which in turn have become Photoshop skills. They help a lot when mocking up menus or game mechanics.

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