Aussie Game Dev History - Beam Software And Skateboarding Dinosaurs

So you probably don’t know what the above game is. What is an “Agro Soar” exactly, and why does he have his own game?

Well you won’t find Agro outside of Australia — he was the host of a weekday morning cartoon show along with the human host Ann Marie. It’s best to point you to this hilarious video of outtakes from the show. He even had his own Ice Cream!

Somewhere in his 8 year reign on Television he got himself a Gameboy title, developed by well known Aussie developer Beam Software. Seeing this title back in the day I always wanted to play it, or at least know about it.

Looking it up a few days ago I found Agro Soar actually was similar to a lot of other titles, and began investigating. For one — the game involves some magician bringinf you to a dinosaur world. Like, what? Agro’s more of a thingamajig, never involved dinosaurs, so what made that happen?

Apparently Agro is a main-character switch of a game called Baby T-Rex which was released in Europe, which itself is probably hard to find. It was released the same year as Agro Soar and involved a little T-Rex riding a skateboard.

Hold on, wait a minute, didn’t Beam do another game with that some time later? And those plant springs look familiar…

Beam released this game! Radical Rex, a sidescrolling platformer with a T-Rex on a skateboard in 1994 for the Megadrive and SNES. From what I can tell Beam must have created the Gameboy version of the game much earlier and then attempted to push it to numerous publishers. At some point they remade the concept into Radical Rex — removing the rock throwing concept and gave him fire breath.

It’s not often that you see how a game evolves over time, especially this early in the game industry. It’s also one of the first games that switched a game around for another copyrighted character, like we’ve seen in Angry Birds Rio, Temple Run: Brave, Fruit Ninja: Puss In Boots, and Where’s My Perry?

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