One of the things I remember Bubsy most for is it’s comic book inside the manual. Here’s a rediculously high resolution scan of said comic. Even fixed the dual-screen shot!

The art for Bubsy was actually pretty awesome if you consider some of the weird crap you’d deal with in the early nineties.

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It’s been a long time coming, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but Jetpack Joyride has gotten it’s latest, massive update!

We’ve seen Costumes, we’ve seen Jetpacks, but now we’ve got Vehicle Skins! Three new Vehicle skins are available - Colossatron, The Barry Box, and Bubbles the Rubber Ducky for the Dragon, Teleporter and Jetski. More coming soon!

On top of that we’ve worked together with Machinema and Studio Joho to make this awesome Rock Opera. Seeing Barry finally pop up in animation like this is awesome. You can also get a stitched up sleeve costume in the game for free by watching the video!

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