A history of Electronic Art’s Basketball games from the 1990’s, in logo form.

Initially starting off with Team Vs. Team games when the Lakers and Bulls were super popular, EA then switched to NBA with Showdown in 1994. After that they switched over to the Live name, which continues to this day.

Surprisingly difficult to find the 1998 logo and 1995 logo in good quality, not to mention the real weird logo they went to for a while. Also weird that other versions of the 1997 and 1998 game had completely different logos too.


The Madden NFL logo - from 1991 to 2000.

Much changed through the years - the switch from Megadrive to PSOne being the main item, and of course it becoming a huge money maker for Electronic Arts. 

Fun to see the difference in design. The later maddens are a lot more flashy, while the earlier games had a more “grass roots” system to it. Later the EA sport logos began to meld into one across all sports franchises, which still continues today.

Also weird that it’s apparently impossible to find a great scan of Madden 96 or 98 out there. They’re all terrible to try and get an image off of, so both of those are poorer than the others.


Port Begging for: Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Publisher: Square Enix

Developer: Square Enix

Original Platform: Nintendo DS

Port it to: iPad, Consoles

So in the past couple of days an emulator for the Nintendo DS got hacked around a make the games run in “HD” - being that it will run any 3D polygonal content at a higher res.

And there are a ton of games that looked awesome like this, but one I found looked amazing was Final Fantasy XII - Revenant Wings - effing beautiful!

The game was an oddity at the time, and didn’t have the best gameplay for such a small screen as the DS, but I could easily see this as a game that would work on an iPad, on PC, or even with some basic changes and on consoles.

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